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    How Wall & Associates Helps Someone through an Audit

    Last updated 1 day 9 hours ago

    Has the IRS contacted you to perform an audit? If you receive such a notice, Wall & Associates, Inc. can represent you before IRS and assist and handle the audit process. Given that the purpose of an audit is to reveal any discrepancies in your tax return, it is in your best interest to have a tax professional oversee your interactions with the IRS. Consider these reasons to consult Wall & Associates, Inc. prior to undergoing an audit:

    Documentation Organization
    Integral to having a positive audit experience is collecting all requisite paperwork for it. Especially when an audit involves your income documentation, missing even one W-2 or 1099 could signal a red flag to the IRS. Wall & Associates, Inc. can create a list of documents to have on hand for your audit and facilitate your means of gathering them before your audit date.

    Discrepancy Evaluation
    To ensure that you encounter no surprises during your audit, Wall & Associates, Inc. can help you identify any potential tax return discrepancies. Detecting these inconsistencies ahead of time can expedite the process of correcting them in time for your audit. Wall & Associates, Inc. can also help you avoid possible penalties and interest that may come from not paying your taxes on time due to a clerical error or oversight.

    Professional Representation
    An IRS audit should be given without bias; however, you may want to have a professional defending your tax rights should you owe more taxes than previously thought. Wall & Associates, Inc. can provide the capable representation you need in the event that you are charged with an additional tax obligation. We can also ease the process of rectifying your tax debts so that you can avoid a tax lien or levy.

    Let Wall & Associates, Inc. represent you when the IRS issues an audit. We can thoroughly prepare you for your IRS meeting and help you come out of it with minimal stress or worry. To discuss your tax concerns, call (888) 702-1523, to set up a free face to face consultation with a consultant in your area

    Not a solicitation for legal services.

    Thank You Wall & Associates!

    Last updated 2 days 7 hours ago

    • on Written Review
    • We can't describe how much we appreciate all of Wall & Associates hard work & dedication to resolve our tax burden! Thank you so much for everything you did! We are so thankful we found you, & we would recommend Wall & Associates to anyone with tax burdens.


    Can the IRS Seize Your Property?

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Owing a back tax debt can escalate into a situation in which the IRS may take your assets. The IRS can both seize your home and confiscate the funds that you would acquire should you attempt to sell your house. If the IRS cannot collect your unpaid taxes in this way, it can place a levy on your wages or even your back account. While it may make allowances for your basic financial needs, the IRS has the authority to take assets due from your back taxes.

    Have you been given a tax lien notice? If so, Wall & Associates, Inc. can help you take the steps needed to avoid the seizure of your assets. Call us today at (888) 702-1523 to speak with one of our associates for a free face to face consultation—we serve taxpayers nationwide.

    Not a solicitation for legal services.

    "Thank you Wall & Associates!"

    Last updated 13 days ago

    • on Review Letter
    • Dear Sir or Madam,

      I would like to take this opportunity to applaud your company for the service you have provided to my husband and me. When we initially became aware of our indebtedness to the Internal Revenue Service/IRS, we made the decision to work directly with them ourselves. In our direct communications with IRS they did not... More

    "Very Happy With the Outcome"

    Last updated 16 days ago

    • on Customer Testimonials
    • To the Wall & Associates, Inc. employees that handled my tax matters:

      Happy New Year! I would just like to say that I was very happy with the outcome of my settlement with the I.R.S. and I cannot thank you enough for your work. I was always kept up to date with phone calls, and any question I had was answered promptly and... More

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